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Intensive Driving Courses
Intensive Driving Courses
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At RTB Intensive Driving Courses here in South Wales, we aim to achieve the highest standard needed, not only to pass your driving test, but drive safely for the rest of your life.
Intensive Driving Courses, are the most efficient, fastest, and a successful method of learning to drive as you will take months worth of driving lessons all in one week. With an intensive driving course everything you have learnt is fresh in your mind as you do not have a weeks to break to forget what you have learnt on your previous driving lesson.
RTB's Driving Instructors are regularly check tested by the 'Driving Standards Agency' to ensure that their quality of instruction is continuously maintained. We are also subject to frequent CRB (criminal record) so you know your in goods hands.
RTB Intensive Driving Courses also known as one week driving course,offer the finest driving tuition available, only highly trained DSA approved driving instructors. Who will be available throughout your course to answer any questions, encourage and support you, giving a safe, sincere and honest service.
RTB Intensive Driving Courses arrange what you want as quickly and smoothly as possible to help you get your full driving licence in the fastest possible time.
Learner drivers will be held at the highest regard, we patiently improve your driving ability getting the best from you to ensure positive results. Courses are tailored to suit your abilities.

What If I Book The Wrong Course ? If you need less hours we can shorten the course and refund you the difference. At the end of the day our goal is to provide you with a suitable course, to get what you want a full driving licence

Why choose RTB Intensive Driving Courses? Arrangements for the start of your driving course can be made fast. All that is required from you, is a few personal details, and your driving licence and theory test number . All the necessary arrangements will then be made on your behalf unless it would be more appropriate for the pupil to arrange a driving test date.

Why do intensive Driving Courses work so well?
Learning to drive taking only 1 or 2 hours of tuition a week will never be enough practice time for most learners to make real progress.
On average students learning by hourly tuition will take up to 12 or more months to achieve the driving test standard. Preparing for your Driving Test

Will an intensive driving course be right for me?
For most people the answer will be yes. At the end of your first day because you will be taking loads of information in you will feel tired, but as each day goes on you will find that you will feel more lively and everything will start to seem easier. Remember that intensive driving courses are proven to be the fastest way for learner drivers of all ages to learn how to drive. Everything you learn will stay fresh in your mind encouraging a new confidence in your driving to grow and because the driving test is taken with your intensive driving course it is possible for you to learn to drive and pass the practical driving test in one week or less.
It's no wonder more and more learners are turning to intensive driving courses when learning to drive.

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